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From the Catalogue:

Simplicity of design and quality of performance - that's the Ibanez Studio Series. The Studio is clean, functional and straight ahead. From the scorching output of the V-2 pickups, to the smooth playability of the 24 fret, 25.5 inch scale neck, the studio is all business. The classic, simple body and Ibanez durability assure you of an instrument that will be a joy for years.

EQ-2 Tone System. To expand the versatility of the V-2's, an Ibanez EQ Tone System was developed for the Studio Series and is featured on the ST-200 and ST-300 models The EQ-2 Tone System features two bands of equalisation - one in the mid-range and one in the treble. Combined with the response of the V-2 pickups, the EQ-2 Tone System let's you tailor exactly the sound you're looking for. Up to 15db of boost or cut for a total of 30db of control is available. The tone potentiometers feature a dent in the centre of their rotation to give yo an easy reference to the flat position.

The ST-300 features the added verstility of V-2 Tri-Sound pickups. Each pickup is wired to it's own Tri-Sound switch allowing you to select it as a standard humbucking, single coil, or reverse-phased twin coil. Combined with the pickup selector, 15 different distinct tone settings are waiting at the flip of a switch

V-2 Pickups The combination of high output and solid upper midrange response give the V-2 a sound all of it's own. The tight response of the V-2's give you chords that are big and direct without breaking up and solos that are punchy and scorching .

Gibraltar Bridge & Quik-Change Tailpiece - All Studio models feature the exclusive Ibanez Gibraltar Bridge. This is the only locking bridge in guitardom and gives each studio model an edge in response and sustain. The ST-200 and ST-300 models also feature a heavy metal sustain bloack embedded in the body for even better sustain. The Ibanez Quik-Change Tailpiece gives you the solidity of a stud-type tailpiece with the convenience of a slotted design. The unique angled slots assure that there will be no string rattle and no loss in down pressure

Ibanez Studio Series Catalogues:

Ibanez Studio ST Series Catalogue GuitarIbanez Studio ST Series Catalogue Guitar

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