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From the Catalogue:

The first distinguishing feature of the Ibanez Musician Series is the striking laminated construction. The graceful and functional body is a "sandwich" of ash, mahogany or maple depending on the model and is designed to combine the best sustain and response with manageable weight and striking appearance. The back of the body is contoured and the offset cutaways provide excellent balance while allowing full access to all 24 frets. The straight thru neck is laminated from maple and walnut, it runs the entire legnth of the intrument from the endpin to the top of the headstock. The neck is reinforced with an adjustable steel truss rod encapsulated in vinyk tubing to prevent rattles.

They have Super 77 and Super 88 Pickups which are adaptions of the Ibanez Super 70 and Super 80 pick ups. They are potted in epoxy to prevent microphonic feedback even at high levels, and the self mounting package provides a clean and stable mount. Super 88s are specifically designed for high output and incredibly bright response. Super 77s have a response curve that is equal to most other humbuckings but with reinforced output..

There are quite a number of ways to connect all the wires from the coils of a guitar with two humbucking pickups. The Ibanez Tri-sound pickups use 15 of the possible combinations. The Super 88 Tri-sound pickups are specially designed to work with a Tri-sound configuration. Tri-sound allows you to get the distinctive sounds of humbucking, single coil and reverse phased twin coil pickup all in one through the use of three position toggle switches..


Ibanez Musician Series Catalogues:

Ibanez Musician Series Catalogue GuitarIbanez Musician Series Catalogue

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