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From the 70s Antoria Magazine Advert:

Carved sold Ash top with an Ash body. Laminated hard maple neck with adjustable truss rod. Set-in neck and scroll head. Ebony fingerboard with fancy mother of pearl inlays. Twin super 70 anti-hum pickups. Gold plated metal parts and smooth tuner machine heads. Natural finish. Full length of guitar 40" Deluxe carrying case optional extra.

Antoria guitars and Ibanez effects Distributed by James T Coppock (Leeds) LTD.


Antoria 2617s Memphis Custom 75

Many of the 70s Antoria guitars were simply rebranded equivalents of the Ibanez guitars available at that time, but occasionally you find ones that have no direct Ibanez counterpart. This is the case with the Antoria 2617s Memphis "Custom 75". In the mid to late 70s Ibanez started to make truly original guitars such as the Musician and the Artist series rather than just copies of other guitar makers such as Fender and Gibson it had made prior to this time. The Antoria 2617s Memphis "Custom 75" is like a missing link between these two eras. The body is the same as an Ibanes Artist 2617 (surprise surprise!) with the same abalone purfling and the neck is the same as the Ibanez 2405 Custom Agent (of which there was also an Antoria branded version). The machine heads on this guitar are actually with the Ibanez logo rather than Antoria.

The Guitar pictured above had two previous owners. The first was a singer, who bought the guitar from new in the 70s, the second was a bass player who bought it from the singer with the intent of learning to play 6 string, after trying, he decided bass was more for him and the guitar sat in storage for the next 30 years in it's case (lime green velvet lined case similar to the type you normally see with Bob Weir Ibanez's). Consequently this guitar is in very good condition for it's age.

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